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File Size 3.4 MB
Type  Tools
Version 3.3.10
Require Android4.0 or later
Developer 9apps
Downloads 90,00,000 +
Update 2017 and 2018

Install 9apps updated version 2017 and 2018Install the Mini sized App Store of 9Apps in your concerned mobile phone as it is one of the best, interesting and unique Mini sized app with the help of which, you can download your favourite apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, audios, videos and other multimedia content easily and instantly on the go. Through the superb app store, the users always get the best out of the rest and install any of their favourite app or game for their android device.

In this app store where you are getting the widest variety of apps of your choice in your preferred category, the registered users will be provided with the facility to not only install their favourite app or game but also browse all the apps that are available in their preferred category and easily come to know about all the top free, top paid, top grossing and other apps available in the store in just few taps.

● Ola Cabs app download from 9apps-

Ola Cabs is a free Android app which is used for millions of people as it is exclusively designed for the smartphone users so they can book their ride in the easiest and the fastest way possible with more than 300000 users in more than 100 cities. With the help of this app, the users can avail the best and the most popular cab booking service in India and this is the reason why it is used by millions of people to book cab, taxi, auto etc.

Today, this app is used by huge masses as it enables the users to book there right faster without the hassle of waiting and it also have the users to save their time and money by travelling in shared cabs on fixed routes.

There are many options available including book auto, share Express to save your time, book micro or Mini cab, Rentals is another unique option in which you can book affordable car rental service for all your city tours and even choose from flexible hourly packages to rent cabs, ride to a hill station or out of station etc which you can avail by switching to ola cab.

● Opera Mini app download from 9apps –

Opera Mini is a mini sized get a full fledged web browser which enable the users to browse the web online without wasting their data plan as it is a fast, safe and one of the most reliable web browsing software available in the 9Apps store for free. By switching to Opera Mini app, the users can perform several other actions including block the irrelevant ads with its built in ad blocker facility so that they can browse the web without any annoying ads. The users can also download different types of videos and movies in the online mode directly within the app and even get it downloaded in your device so asto watch it in the offline mode.

In addition to this, the registered users of this app can also add the site they visit the most to the home screen of their device with a single click. One is even allowed to keep the track of their data usage by checking the same in the settings menu in order to see how much data you save.

● Yee Call app download from 9apps –

Yee Call is a free and one of the best voice and video call app used for millions of people all around the world in different countries due to its great features and amazing compatibility with almost all the major operating systems and devices. By switching to this app, the users can make high quality voice and video call with their friends and family for living in different states, cities, countries etc over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. The registered users of this app and even allowed to use this app in different countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, United States and more so you’ll find more difficulty while connecting with your people all around the world.

So, if you really like this above mentioned app and wants to install this or similar apps like this then first of all you are required to download 9Apps in your device and to do so, you have to click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from APK link for free.

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